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Our Projects

New Castle Courthouse Garage

This project is located adjacent to the State of Delaware’s New Castle County Courthouse. As the State was nearing the completion of the development of the courthouse, they went out to the marketplace to determine if a Public-Private Partnership (P3) would be a viable way to develop the parking facility needed when the courthouse opened. Colonial Principals pulled together a development team that was successfully awarded the development rights for the New Castle County Courthouse Garage. The garage was designed, constructed, owned, financed and managed by the Colonial team on land leased from the State of Delaware. This creative solution required no investment from the State of Delaware, while providing much-needed, cost-free Juror Parking and returning dividends to the State.

Managed Since 2002
Number of Spaces 940

PNC Bank Center Garage

The PNC Bank Center began with a ten-year Colonial project assembling the ownership of the land on which the building was developed. After successfully managing the property as a surface parking lot, Colonial assembled the team to develop the Class “A” office building with integrated parking garage that was completed in 1985.

Managed Since 1985
Number of Spaces 550

Government Center Garage

Colonial, working with the three separate government owners of the garage, was awarded the contract for the $4,000,000 garage renovation and 23-year management agreement, over which the project is being amortized by the team Colonial developed. In addition to garage management, Colonial is also responsible for the one-square-block plaza above the garage. This maintenance includes landscaping and snow removal, as well as coordinating the restoration completed in 2000.

Managed Since 1976
Number of Spaces 650

Ships Tavern Garage

Colonial has worked closely with the team assembled by the Ships Tavern Garage, LLC on the functional Design and Control system and has been awarded the management of the Ships Tavern Garage.

Managed Since May 2007
Number of Spaces 455

12th & Orange Garage

Colonial Principals are members of Orange Street Partners, LLC, the owner of this garage. This garage was acquired from the Wilmington Parking Authority shortly after the development of the Chase Manhattan Center on the adjacent property at 1201 Market Street. Operating as a free-standing parking facility, this property also provides an excellent development site for a companion building to the Chase Manhattan Center.

Managed Since 1987
Number of Spaces 500

Chester County Garage & Transit Center

In a public bid process, Colonial was selected by the County of Chester (PA) to manage the Chester County Garage & Transit Center. The garage includes a first-floor transit center with space for up to six local buses to pick up and drop off passengers. Colonial joined the team several months prior to the completion of the garage and immediately became involved in reviewing the parking program, including the construction, design, control equipment and graphics. During the pre-opening phase, Colonial provided instrumental improvements to the overall management plan and functionality of the garage. This includes full facility maintenance, management, revenue collection, and public parking area enforcement.

Managed Since 2005
Number of Spaces 480

Union Hospital Garage

Colonial was part of the design-build team for the Union Hospital garage. In that capacity they assisted with the functional design of the garage and revenue control equipment design, as well as establishing the parking management plan. The parking management plan included assisting Union Hospital with plans for managing parking during the construction of the garage and garage management upon completion. During construction, a remote parking lot was established for Union Hospital staff parking, including shuttle service to the hospital campus. The long-term management plan for the completed garage included staffing recommendations, responsibilities and development of operating procedures to meet the goals of the hospital.

Upon completion of the garage, Colonial was also asked to assist with the garage opening to facilitate a positive initial experience for the public and hospital staff. Colonial management assisted Union Hospital in reviewing and training the operating systems and establishing operating procedures.

In 2012, Union Hospital initiated paid parking in the garage, and Colonial assisted by consulting on the graphics package and parking equipment upgrade. Colonial now provides staff for the garage and manages its overall operation.

Managed Since Member of Design-Build Team
Number of Spaces 500

Point-to-Point Steeplechase

Colonial began working with Winterthur Point-to-Point after the event had grown too popular for the museum’s volunteer staff to manage. With 25,000+ attendees at the annual event, Wintethur needed professional management to safely and efficiently manage the tremendous flow of traffic. Colonial developed a field layout plan maximize the parking capacity of the property, as well as keep traffic flowing safely and smoothly. Since 1994, we have managed parking at every major event on the Winterthur property.

Managed Since 1994
Number of Spaces 6,000