Lancaster Pennsylvania Parking

Looking to park in Lancaster? We have great options to suit your preference for garage or outdoor parking.

Daily Parking

Get some peace of mind (and avoid a ticket) by parking at one of our locations that offer daily parking at competitive rates.

Monthly Parking

Frequent parkers may find it more cost-effective and convenient to pay a monthly rate for unlimited parking.

Garage & Lot

You have options for whatever your parking preferences may be—whether you prefer the shelter of a garage or the quick access of a lot.


Both the Steinman Park Garage and Hager parking lots are in the heart of Lancaster. They are located near the:

  • Central Market
  • Convention Center
  • Fulton Theater
  • Federal Taphouse
  • Lancaster Government Center
  • Lancaster Newspapers Office
  • Pressroom Restaurant
  • Steinman Park


Our locations have 24/7 access. The Steinman Park Garage has a parking attendant on duty 7:00 am to 11:00 pm every day, while you pay using your credit or debit card at the Hager lot kiosk.