Parking Facility Management

We know the value of caring for your parking patrons and providing revenue control. Your space should be kept clean, well-lit, and comfortable, and have reliable equipment. Plus, have staff that are friendly, responsible, and always there to help.

By delivering quality service for our parking customers, we help deliver profits for facility owners like you.

Project Profiles

Transit Center image 1 Transit Center image 2
Address: 100 N Walnut St.
Wilmington, Delaware
Owner: Transit Center, LLC
10 Corporate Circle,
Suite 100
New Castle, Delaware
Managed Since: Opening, May 2020
Number of Spaces: 220

Colonial assembled the Transit Center, LLC (TC) team including EDiS Company and Emory Hill Real Estate Services to develop the Wilmington Transit Center as a Public-Private Partnership (P3) with the State of Delaware. The TC team, working with Delaware Department of Transportation/Delaware Transit Corporation (DART) designed, constructed, financed, own and manage the Wilmington Transit Center on land leased from the State of Delaware.

The Wilmington Transit Center consists of a transit center for DART on the first floor and a 220-space parking garage on the floors above.

LLWJC image 1 LLWJC image 2
Address: 500 N King St.
Wilmington, Delaware
Owner: Justice Center Parking, LLC
110 S Poplar St.
Wilmington, Delaware
Managed Since: 2002
Number of Spaces: 940

Colonial Principals are members of Justice Center Parking, LLC, the owner of this garage. Justice Center Parking, LLC, the team of Colonial Parking and EDiS Company, has leased the land for the garage from the State of Delaware, designed, constructed and financed the garage while Colonial continues to manage the operation.

Governemnt Center image 1 Government Center image 2
Address: 9th and French Streets
Wilmington, Delaware
Owner: State of Delaware,
New Castle County, &
City of Wilmington
820 N French St.
Wilmington, Delaware
Managed Since: 1976
Number of Spaces: 650

Colonial has managed the Government Center Garage for the three government owners since the facility was constructed with the offices for the owners above.

In 1996 Colonial was awarded the contract for the $4,000,000 renovation of the garage and 23-year management agreement over which the project was amortized by the team Colonial developed for the project. In addition to the management of the garage, Colonial is also responsible for the one square block plaza above the garage. This maintenance includes the landscaping, snow removal as well as coordination for the restoration completed in 2000.

Cleanliness & Maintenance

When it comes to cleanliness and maintenance, we focus on the details. Clean and well-maintained facilities encourage trust and repeat-usage by your parking patrons. Plus, regular upkeep helps extend the life of parking assets—saving you costs down the line.

We’ve developed a strict regimen of cleaning and maintenance, with some elements performed daily, weekly, monthly, semi-annually, and annually.

  • Regular sweeping keeps dust and debris from accumulating on deck surfaces
  • Semi-annual power washing and scrubbing removes corrosive salts and other contaminants from the surface of concrete parking structures—minimizing structural repairs and dramatically extending the life of the asset
  • Staff empty trash cans and patrol for litter throughout the day
  • Our staff also disinfects high-touch surfaces at regular intervals during operating hours (elevator buttons, door handles, and payment kiosks—to name a few)

Parking Access and Revenue Control System (PARCS)

You want a partner who will ensure every dollar is accounted for. Over many years, we’ve replaced much of the potential for human error with user-friendly PARCS technology. This, combined with staff that is thoroughly trained and well-supervised, keeps revenue control a consistent priority.

Friendly & Helpful Staff

With approximately 140 associates, we are a family-owned, regional company, which gives us the opportunity to have a more personal relationship with our staff. Because of this, we have a high percentage who have worked for us for ten, twenty, and even thirty years.
Associates that are cared for take a greater investment in their work, and we think that shows. Our attendants and customer service representatives are professional, accurate, responsive, and courteous. They provide outstanding service and will do the same for you.

Special Events Parking

Give your guests a great experience from start to finish with professional parking help from us—a company that’s managed parking for events with as many as 25,000 guests. We keep traffic flowing in and out safely, while minimizing the impact to local streets.
Our experienced special event management team can work with you to review the property and design the parking layout, traffic flow, and staffing requirements to make sure everything runs smoothly.

Special Events Profiles

Colonial manages the parking for this traditional annual event at Winterthur Museum & Gardens. Our team marks out fields for tailgate, reserved and general parking prior to race day. On the day of the event, Colonial manages the parking of 2,000+ vehicles, efficiently directing attendees to their designated parking areas.

Winterthur Point-to-Point image

This seasonal event is a pop-up drive-in movie night at Winterthur Museum & Gardens. Colonial Parking was contracted to design and lay out an open field to accommodate vehicles for drive-in movie-viewing. The parking rows are arranged to provide guests with the best viewing experience. Our team also provided parking attendants on the nights of the event to safely direct vehicles to their parking space.

Winterthur Drive-In

This annual event is located at Plantation Field in Coatesville, PA. The event attracts more than 4,000 attendees for the inspirational release of sky lanterns into the evening sky. Colonial lays out the drive aisles and parking areas to maximize vehicle capacity. Our friendly parking attendants efficiently guide vehicles to their parking spots in time for guests to enjoy the festivities.

Lights Fest image 1 Lights Fest image 2

Colonial Parking partners with the University of Delaware’s Parking Services to safely guide vehicles of attendees to convocation and commencement ceremonies at the Delaware Stadium, Bob Carpenter Center and Fieldhouse venues. Attendance for the ceremonies generally exceeds 50,000 guests over three days. Our attendants efficiently direct traffic into parking areas with minimal disruption to the public roadways.

Winterthur Drive-In

For more information on Parking Management or Special Events Parking, or for a quote at no obligation, please contact us. Our rates are competitive and your satisfaction is guaranteed.